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(A Brief) Biography

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My name is Damian AKA Dasubot (pre-2022 releases)/ Dame Baasi/ Vicente Sires (Emcee name).  Puerto Rican y Alleman, with my teeth golden ;)

I make music that I like to listen to, and am motivated by the art and the science of sound manipulation. My music is a labor of love, and that has always been my primary focus. 

began playing music in 1989 (when I first picked up a bass guitar).  After that, I learned to play guitar with my dad's help.  Joining a band shortly followed.  

I soon grew weary of playing in bands and covering other people's music; the creative aspect was missing for me.  Before long, I found 
myself with a drum machine and a keyboard.  In the mid 90s, I fell in love with Drum N' Bass, Jungle, and Electro.  This spoke to me much more than rock music ever could, and I began producing progressive electro style music.  

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